International fiat
platform for P2P loans
based on blockchain

TGE is ended
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$ 1,252,839
$ 9,500,000 (hard cap)
Tokens minted
14,424,024 SOFIN
Soft cap $1,000,000 is passed.

What are we offering?

Legal purity
Loans in fiat currency are strictly in the legal field of each country where we work.
Our token will remove
international barriers
of currency conversion.
We make financial resources more accessible and transparent. All platform operations are stored in blockchain.


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How does it work?

Smart contract
based on the ERC20 protocol
Give 1000 EUR at 10% annual
Smart contract mobile
Want 30000 RUB at 13% annual
Give 500 USD at 12% annual
Smart contract mobile
Want 1000 USD at 12% annual
Give 750 JPY at 14% annual
Smart contract mobile
Want 25000 INR at 11% annual

We take up to 5% of the loan amount
transparency no hidden fee


Find best loan terms, create a legal package, and getting money online from any device!
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Token sales

TGE bonus stage
March 15, 2018 - July 15, 2018
400,000,000 SOFIN
Minted 14,424,024 SOFIN tokens from total 400,000,000
token price
1 SOFIN = $ 0,4

Token distribution

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25 000 000
Spent on the team: escrow, advisers, key staff (without the right to sell in the next 1 year).
25 000 000
Will be transferred to the company account to pay for bounty and form the guarantee fund.
400 000 000
Public sale (funds will be used to develop and launch the platform).

What happens to tokens after the TGE?

Loan issuance
Give up to 100% of
the SOFIN loan, in the future
and in other cryptocurrencies
Get income
Each time you get the loan
back you can choose to:
get income in fiat
currency or Sofin
Exchange trading
We support currencies
and will regularly buy a part
of tokens from the marketplace
Piggy bank
Fee payment
When getting a loan,
the platform fee of up to 5%
is held in the SOFIN token.


Andrey Tuchkov
Chief Executive Officer
Project Manager (Chief Executive Officer CEO). Professional financier with 17 years of experience. Led the units of the leading banks (Raiffeisen, Bank Center-Invest), created the Regional Guarantee Fund (, started business of microfinance organizations, including the online one. President of the Board of Directors of the «Loan Club» ( He has got a lot of certificates and awards, including IFC (International Finance Corporation), awarded by Administrations, and others.
Trofim Zhugastrov
Chief Product Officer
More than 10 years of experience in creating software products. Founder, CEO of Elonsoft, IIDF tracker in Rostov-on-Don, formerly Deputy Director of the Southern IT Park (OJSC "Regional Development Corporation"), founder of IT61-Rostov IT community.
Nikita Lushpanov
Chief Blockchain Officer
Head of research and development department of smart contracts based on blockchain. Entrepreneur with experience in offline/online business projects. Experience in developing Web projects for more than six years. Mining since 2013, has experience in cryptotrading and investment in cryptocurrency.
Vitaly Slobodin
Chief Technology Officer
Experience in the development of more than eight years, technical Director in Elonsoft, a member of the Google Chrome team, in the past the maintainer of Phantomjs and the developer of "Yandex. Browser".
Anton Kruchko
Chief Legal Officer
A lawyer with a 16-year-old practice. He was the head of the legal department of the largest building concern of the Rostov region. Since 2012, he has been the head of the law firm "VERUM" ( Provides legal escorts for construction and investment projects in and outside the Rostov region, including foreign funds.


Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto
South africa
Giovanni immersed himself at the inflection of where the old financial world meets emerging technologies as co-founding team member of regulated crypto trading facility.Experienced in mutual funds, trading systems and Top 20 Startup Advisor on ICOBench. Currently advising 6+ ICOs from Toronto to Melbourne. Key skills: Ideation, Strategy, Tokenomics and connecting opportunities in the fintech space to the team. He further brings an international aspect being based in South Africa and having advised global projects.
Konstantin Ivanov
Founder of the world's largest social network for traders, which works in 16 countries. More than 2 000 000 active traders use the platform every month. Today, Trading View is the main technical analysis tool for traders in the 12 most popular cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Golem, Steem, Gnosis.
Alexey Telnov
Partner at VC arm of one of the largest family offices in Eastern Europe, former investment director at iTech Capital ($100+M AUM), responsible for fintech, blockchain and marketing tech investments (including TradingView, BitFury, Clickky and others). Alexey is also ex Board Observer at BitFury. Alexey previously worked at BCS Financial Group. Helds M.A. in Finance and Law.
Anton Dzyatkovskiy
Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer of of Micromoney. Successful entrepreneur, experienced negotiator, creative marketing expert. Passionate and hardworking leader with 13 years of successful work in various positions in companies engaged in financial technology, retail business and e-commerce. Mr. Dzyatkovsky is experienced in development of financial companies in entirely new markets.


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Mass media about us

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Loans to improve the quality of life

Medical Services

Road map

  • 2010 year
    Rostov region
    Guarantee Fund
    More info
    Creation of the structure that allows entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary funding through the fund's surety.In three years, the amount of bail was $51 million.
  • 2011 year
    Offline MFO
    More info
    Opening the network of microloan points where the verification of the borrower (private individual), the legal basis and the highly profitable financial model were obtained. The business was successfully sold.
  • 2012 year
    the Verum Law Firm
    More info
    The company provides legal support for construction and investment projects, including foreign investment. The Verum ( ) team of seven persons forms the Legal Service of the SOFIN company.
  • 2013 year
    Mining rigs,
    More info
    Creation of own mining rigs. Extensive experience in cryptocurrencies trade, investing in cryptoprojects.
  • 2013 year
    Opening of Elonsoft
    IT company
    More info
    Formation of a team with experience in the development of international-level Internet projects, including the creation of MVP for startups. There are 16 programmers now who will be working on the SOFIN platform after the TGE implementation
  • 2014 year
    Private P2P loans
    to entrepreneurs
    More info
    Since 2014 and to the present day, a successful experience of connecting people who have money and legal persons who need credit. The interest rate allows each party to earn. To date, there have been no returns. Currently, the loan portfolio exceeds $1.5 million.
  • August 2016
    P2P platform concept
    More info
    The idea of creating marketplace financial resources on a single window system where individuals and companies can get loans from any people,MFOs, banks. With a minimum and transparent rate in auction mode.
  • August 2016
    Launch of
    MFO "Loan Club"
    More info
    Building a loan and verification system for borrowers online ( ). Development of scoring software, integration with credit history systems and online processing. Gaining experience of attracting borrowers on the Internet. In this project, we've worked out all the important elements of a future P2P platform, and there are 14 people working in the company.
  • July 2017 -
    to date
    Commencement of
    system development
    More info
    Definition of the development financial model. Designation of the technical part of the platform, the interface design, and programming of business logic.
  • November, 6
    More info
    Fundraising on completing the platform, the SOFIN token output on TGE, the white paper and business model adjustment based on feedback from participants and cryptocommunity.
  • January, 15
    Fundraising on development of the platform, the token output on exchanges, the establishment of the Guarantee Fund and international expansion.
  • Q1 2018
    Token output on exchanges
    More info
    The SOFIN token public offering on the cryptocurrency exchanges for free bidding. Implementation of the token-support strategy and increase it to $10. The direct correlation between the rate growth and the repayment of loans on the platform is achieved through the return of the SOFIN tokens for the transaction bonus payments laid down in the platform.
  • Q1-Q2 2018
    Launch platform in Russia
    and the "Guarantee Fund" option
    More info
    The first issue of loans through the SOFIN platform from the MFOs partners, early followers, and our own funds. Once the guarantee fund has been launched and the risk of repayment has been reduced, it is planned to attract a large number of creditors.
  • Q3-Q4 2018
    Launch of the platform
    into CIS countries
    More info
    Issuing loans in Russian-speaking countries, starting with Georgia and Kazakhstan and the next step in Ukraine and Belarus. In each country where we will issue loans, a local office will be opened to interact with the verification, scoring and credit history systems for the country. 100% legal purity, which is a distinctive feature of our platform, will be provided. In the same way, local partners in every country are planned for loans . The target of 2018 - 1$ million.
  • 2019 year
    Launch of one country
    per a quarter
    More info
    Great promise and growing market for P2P lending are concentrated in the regions: Asia, Africa and Latin America. The first countries outside the CIS in which we start lending will be Myanmar and Cambodia.

Participate in the growing project

  • Growing market of P2P lending: $300 000 000 000 by 2020 according to Morgan Stanley.
  • The practical mechanics for the scoring and verification of borrowers and the attraction of funds to issue loans.
  • Close attention to the legal aspects, the legal basis for all business processes.
  • Guarantee fund: guarantees on loans, a guarantee of return to 100% thanks to the SOFIN token.
  • A credit history (credit score) based on blocking is safe from fraud. Transparency of the system for third-party audit.
  • An experienced team closing all the necessary competencies: More than 40 professionals to successfully start the project.