Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto is the Chief Commercial Officer at Hedge Token (HDG) became the adviser Sofin!

April 5, 2018

The SOFIN project continues to successfully expand its advisory board. Today we have added an adviser: is the Chief Commercial Officer at Hedge Token (HDG) / rebranded to Blocktrade and Lead External Advisor to: Adbank (ADB) , Enkidu (ENK) , FRESCO (FRES), CHERR.IO and a project in stealth - Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto.

Experienced in mutual funds, trading systems and Top 20 Startup Advisor on ICOBench. Currently advising 6+ ICOs from Toronto to Melbourne. Key skills: Ideation, Strategy, Tokenomics and connecting opportunities in the fintech space to the team.He further brings an international aspect being based in South Africa and having advised global projects.

Giovanni has degrees with distinction from South Africa (BCom Hons Economics) and from Australia's Top Tier Global Business School UWA in International Business and Banking. He holds SAFe AGILE work methodology and GARP Banking risk certifications.

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