How they've tried to fraud us in Europe

February 26, 2018

Dear friends! I decided to share with you the story of how the project tried to "fool" in Milan, local swindlers.

The scheme in people is clearly worked out, can save someone. It all began a couple of weeks ago when a man named Phillipe wrote to me in a telegram. He writes that he works for a very important person who is interested in investing a very large amount in our project. Agreed time and we urgently flew to the negotiations in Milan. And the timing was so rigid that I was late for a taxi by a minute to meet for 20 minutes. In principle, it was impossible to make it. What was the surprise that in the restaurant where the meeting was, no one waited for us and the table was not ordered (I recall that the important person has his secret and time to spare). We phoned the secretary, he apologized, said he had confused the restaurant. But they are waiting for us. Took a taxi and drove to another area of ​​Milan. About 30 more minutes. Total meeting at one hour twenty, after the appointed time. We really were expected. We started a conversation about the project. It seems everything is fine. And already by the end of the conversation, the conditions appear:

1. We are ready to buy our tokens for $ 1 million.

2. For the amount of purchase of our tokens, we must sell as many bitcoins at the price of the stock exchange + 20%. (began to doubt a very large increase).

3. Pay the tax (doubts increased).

Took a day's timeout. In the morning we contacted our new adviser in Geneva (I'll talk about this in more detail next week, when we officially represent him), and he finally opened our eyes: the cash turnover in Italy is a criminal offense up to 10 years. Milan is a city of crooks and the level of fake banknotes is off scale. And we do not have the opportunity to check this amount, because it is illegal.

However, we are going to another meeting in the evening. Appears another person, supposedly specially for us came from Paris. And then the conversation begins that the deal is urgent, tomorrow morning and only in Milan. Do not give even a word to insert. At the same time, the new buyer does not even know the name of our project. Having received our refusal and our counter offer to conduct a deal in Lugano (just 80 km from Milan), retired for a couple of minutes.

Our conclusion: we wanted to steal counterfeit money, taking our tokens and crypt.

P. S. At the very beginning, they drove us between restaurants, checked to see if there was a tail behind us.

In general, you need to be more careful!

© Andrey Tuchkov, CEO SOFIN