Important information for bounty participants: «PR Telegram» and budgetary funds allocation

April 23, 2018

Since the beginning of the bonus stage of the bounty campaign has been over a month. At the moment, we can sum up the subtotals on the activity of participants and introduce you to small, but important changes.

Many participants in the previous campaign bounty know that the translation campaign was replaced by the PR Telegram campaign. But few participants have evaluated the simple conditions of this campaign or have not yet become acquainted with them. Therefore, once again we recall the rules of participation and encourage you to participate more actively in it. Many are in the Telegram chat room most of the time for this you can get even a good reward! Briefly about the rules:

- fill in the form for participation in PR Telegram campaign -

- participant must have one real account in Telegram

- It is necessary to write in the following information in your Telegram name - ♻️ ♻️ (you can place it wherever you want). Also, you need to install the SOFIN's avatar, (which you can download here), instead of your current photo in the Telegram profile.

- write in the "Set a Bio" section the following personal message - IN ♻️ SOFIN.

Read more about of conditions:

After finishing the Sofin BONUS BOUNTY campaign the project management has the right to review the percentage distribution of the BONUS BOUNTY budgetary funds between the programs at its discretion depending on the number of participants in a particular campaign.

To find out more about the Sofin project, please visit our website: