Registration for closed beta testing of Sofin platform is open!

September 28, 2018

Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that the development of the international fiat platform of P2P loans based on blockchain (Sofin) has been successfully completed! All errors and shortcomings revealed in the first stage of testing are completely eliminated! In addition, an automatic pre-scoring algorithm has been developed, which is able to automatically reject applications and feedback from uncredited borrowers. Also, the personal cabinet of Verifier was made. The module of document generation with the function of EDS (Electronic Digital Signature) is developed. 

In connection with the end of development and the final launch of the platform, we invite everyone to participate in the closed beta-testing (CBT). The beta version of the platform will be available at: https://софин.рф/ . 

To take part in CBT it is necessary to send the application in free form to the address: After some time in the reply message the user will receive a sequential instruction, which will describe the detailed mechanics of testing, as well as provide access to the platform.

We will be glad to see the testers who have already taken part in mass sessions in the first stage!

Learn more about the project Sofin on our website: