SOFIN begins to cooperate with MicroMoney

December 4, 2017

On November 20 the executive investment director of MicroMoney Anton Dzyatkovsky and the CEO of the SOFIN project Andrey Tuchkov have agreed about strategic partnership. Both companies equally estimate a global problem — difficulty of people in attempt to receive financial services. Missions and the purposes of our projects coincide therefore the present arrangement on partnership — the first step for establishment of strong and long-term relationship.

Heads the agreement on cooperation in two directions was accepted:

Use of the SOFIN platform by the MicroMoney company as the creditor and issue of loans on behalf of the IFI.

Use by the SOFIN company unique scoring system of MicroMoney.

In addition to own opportunities and technologies, SOFIN will use open credit bureau and scoring system of MicroMoney. It will allow to carry out most precisely and quickly assessment of solvency of borrowers then to make the decision on issue of a loan. The system of scoring MicroMoney is based on neural networks and algorithms of artificial intelligence therefore is not mistaken because of "a human factor". Data collect in a blockchain, the system studies itself, scoring becomes more objectively every day.

Besides, SOFIN will provide to MicroMoney own practices and base of credit stories that will become the first case of creation of global open credit history on a blockchain.