SOFIN begins to cooperate with WEX. A new way investing in ICO!

March 9, 2018

SOFIN is an international fiat platform for p2p loans, represents a new way of investing in ICO. From now on, absolutely everyone will be able to participate in ICO SOFIN using WEX-code.

WEX code is a special code generated on the platform and allows the user to transfer funds directly (peer-to-peer) without commissions. One of the main advantages of WEX-code is the ability to conduct transactions instantly - both for withdrawal and for entering funds, without limits on the amounts of transfers.

SOFIN tokens can be purchased using Wex-code in the investor's office on the official SOFIN website.

This is the first case of using WEX-codes in the ICO, which opens great opportunities for both users of the platform, and for ICO projects.

SOFIN is an the international fiat platform for p2p loans is currently holding its own ICO. At the moment, $ 1,117.232 million has been collected, on the way to closing the hard cap.

Platform - confidently included in the top 20 global exchange sites with a daily turnover of about $ 100M and 1.2 million registered users.

You can find out more about the SOFIN project on our Telegram channel: