SOFIN company freezes courses BTC and ETH to the end weeks!

February 6, 2018

SOFIN company freezes courses BTC and ETH to the end weeks!

Do you lose money on fluctuations in the bitcoin rate?

Today it costs $7 000, last Sunday it cost $9 000. The rate changes every day, as well as the profit of investors.

We fix the rates of major currencies before the end of this week!

Only for 6 days we will fix the rate of BTŠ” and ETH above their current exchange price.

At our rate of 1 BTC is $10000, which equals 50000 Sofin tokens.

1 ETH = $1000 or 5000 SOFIN tokens.

You can buy SOFIN at this link, having previously registered on the site. Have time to buy tokens for the promotion!

About the project

SOFIN is an international platform for peer-to-peer loans based on blockchain. Transactions are provided by smart contracts based on the ERC20 protocol.

Money is given out to the borrower in the country's fiat currency, and contracts are made according to the laws of that country, which is why all transactions on the SOFIN platform are legally significant. Token SOFIN serves as a way of currency conversion, if the parties to the agreement are in different countries.

You can find out more about the Sofin project on our channel in Telegram: