Soft сap $ 1,000,000 has passed!

February 9, 2018

On February 8, during the ICO, the amount of Sofin project fees reached $ 1,000,000. Thus, we have collected the planned amount of resources that will allow us to continue work on the launch and development of our P2P loan platform and bring tokens to the exchanges. The maximum size of the placement (hardcap) is $ 9.5 million.

In addition, our fundraising campaign is available on the website of our partners:

The timing of the ICO is unchanged: 15/01/2018 — 15/03/2018.

Also, we remind potential investors that the project team has fixed the BTC and ETH rates by the end of the week at a level higher than the exchange ones:

1 BTC = $ 10000 = 50,000 Sofin

1 ETH = $ 1000 = 5000 Sofin

We are grateful to everyone for their trust, support and participation in our project! Wait for further news about the implementation of the platform!

You can find out more about the Sofin project on our channel in Telegram: