Telegram channel SOFIN crossed the mark of 33,333 followers!

March 13, 2018

The SOFIN team has been actively sharing news from the life of the company for over 6 months not only through the official website, but also through social media: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, etc., thus simplifying communication with the audience of the project.

Therefore, today, we want to congratulate you on the significant event in the life of our project - the number of participants reached a symbolic figure of 33,333 subscribers, and the overall audience of the project in social networks reached more than 36,000 people!

Despite the relatively young age of the project, it is important to note that for 6 months of active work on the platform, fans, investors and just showing an active interest in the project people, it has become much more! Our audience is constantly growing at an ever-increasing pace. Separately, I would like to thank the active participants, who all this time helped and continue to help the development of the resource, help attract new users, pay attention to errors and follow the order and content on the pages of the project.

Today, we are already more than 33,000 and this is just the beginning!