The cost of principal crypto currencies of April 5, 2018

April 4, 2018

Dear friends!

We remind you that the bonus stage of ICO continues and you all can also purchase SOFIN tokens in several ways. We tell how it can be done.

To buy coins, you must register on the site and click on the link personal account in the "Buy Tokens" section. Next, the system will offer possible options for paying SOFIN tokens and instructions for action. At the moment, you can pay with coins with the help of ETH, BTC, NEO, NEM, BCH and RIPPLE.

Also, we thank our partners. Now site have the opportunity to pay for tokens using WEX c code. More information can be found here: Tokens that are purchased through another currency will be sent within 24 hours.

Crypto currency exchange rates as of April 5, 2018:

1 ETH = 1 025 SOFIN 

1 BTC = 22 500 SOFIN 

1 NEO = 200 SOFIN 

1 NEM = 1 SOFIN 


1 BCH = 2 500 SOFIN 

1 SOFIN = $0,4

Learn more about the project «Sofin» on our website: