The project team has distributed the percentage between the bounty programs

May 29, 2018

Dear friends!

The project team has approved the number of tokens that will be distributed in the bonus stage of the Bounty campaign, as well as the total percentage for each program.

The total number of distributed tokens is 587 500 SOFIN.

Distribution by program:

- Facebook - 30 % (15+5+10)

- Twitter - 30 % (15+5+10)

- Signature campaign - 10 % (30-20)

- Telegram - 10 % (5+5)

- Blog/Media - 20 %

We plan to send the tokens to the purses of participants from May 31 to June 1. The accrual table will be available at = 1107941063 and will open very soon for the participants.

Also, a huge request to all members of the Bounty campaign to check the addresses of the purses that were listed earlier. If the address for any reason is incorrect or you want to change it, you can contact the Bounty manager of the project in Telegram (@prorva01 / Eugene Moskalyuk)

The Sofin team thanks all the members of the Bounty campaign for being with us for so long!

You can learn more about the «Sofin» project on our website: