The Sofin project was delivered at the conference «Southern Demo Day» in Rostov-on-Don

April 26, 2018

During two days, on April 12 and 13, in Rostov-on-Don was the first conference of investors and start-ups in the south of Russia, where leading investors and funds of Russia selected the most promising projects, in the development of which they are ready to invest their money .

On the first day of the conference there were lectures, exchange of experience and expert advice for the founders of startups on the issues of project development.

On the second day there were brief presentations of projects to investors, as well as individual meetings of experts, start-ups and investors.

The project Sofin the opportunity to present its product to private investors, foundations, representatives of power, regional and federal media. The presentation was attended by Founder, CEO of Elonsoft, IIDF tracker in Rostov-on-Don, founder of IT61-Rostov IT community, Chief Product Officer Sofin -Trofim Zhugastrov, as well as the head of the Research and Development Department of smart contracts based on blockchain-Nikita Lushpanov. In addition, the team members talked to investors, where they told about the tasks, which solves the platform and current results.

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