Sofin team reminds you of product updates SOFIN BOUNTY campaign

November 22, 2017

Sofin team reminds you of product updates SOFIN BOUNTY campaign. All participants of the SOFIN BOUNTY campaign are invited to determine new changes that came into effect on 6 November,

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New changes are more loyal to the participants of the SOFIN BOUNTY campaign: some restrictions have been removed, additional opportunities have been added to get more points, the signatures have been updated, the form for filling out the reports has been changed and the SOFIN BOUNTY campaign participants will file their reports in the official branch on forum bitcointalk, but not in Google form. We hope that our participants will enjoy these changes and they will attract new people to participate in our SOFIN BOUNTY campaign.

We recall that the total number of tokens allocated to the budget BOUNTY campaign is 500 000 SOFIN, which is 5% of the target level. When ICO is over, SOFIN will be traded in the range from $1 to $2 on the stock exchanges.

.New participants can take part in six campaigns, including the budget of the campaign bounty which will be distributed the following way:

Facebook Campaign - 15%

Twitter Campaign - 15%

Signature Campaign - 30%

Translation Campaign - 15%

Telegram Campaign - 5%

Blog / Media Campaign - 20%

You can always ask our managers any questions in Telegram chat:

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