What's new in SOFIN happened this week?

December 16, 2017

December 11th

On Monday, with the support of the Southern IT Park, the Demo Day meeting was held - a mandatory final event in the Accelerating Program of the Southern IT Park. It was attended by profile specialists, representatives of leading companies in the region and start-ups. The SOFIN team presented its project to the media and investors.

The meeting was very positive. Have communicated personally with 4 representatives of various funds. 4 out of 4 the project was interested and agreed to drop materials about the project for detailed study. Also, today the whole team discussed the plan of further actions, how to properly adjust to the current situation in the ICO market. In the daytime we will write down what changes and what plans.

12 December

The timing of the TGE is set. We consulted for a long time and consulted with experts in the field of TGE. So, what we decided: We finished the main stage of preTGE. Now, until December 29, there will be a bonus stage with a price of $ 0.8 for 1 SOFIN. Dates of the TGE: January 15, 2018 - March 15, 2018. Entry into the stock exchanges in March (as they wrote, in the first quarter of 2018)

December 13th

Report on a trip to the cryptobazaar in Hong Kong. The trip to Hong Kong was very productive for us. Despite the short timing of the performance (3 minutes), we managed to convey the essence of our project to listeners. And there were a lot of them, probably, a person of 500. But the most useful is of course aftepati. Negotiations have already started on listing our project at international venues such as coinplace.info and coincoming.com Discussed the prospects for jurisdiction in Gibraltar with Jason William Cruz, which is directly related to the adoption of laws on the blockade in this country.

In addition, we considered opportunities for further cooperation with the founders of DeepGreen and CoinStreet Asia Group projects to provide marketing support for Asian countries athe TGE stage. We agreed to consider our project with Alexander Shulgin (Rasia Capital, ITech Capital), Chan Heng fai (Heng Fai Holdings Limited) and other major investors.

Also, during the meeting, we exchanged experiences and contacts with the creators of many companies and promising projects, such as Verifier, DateCoin, Universa, hosho, Bitquant, Linkeye, Auxweg. Thanks to the Cryptobazar team for the opportunity to participate in the event of this level! To see more photos of the trip you can visit our social networks:

FB - https://goo.gl/DR87w2

VK - https://goo.gl/dDKq8f

You can find out more about the Sofin project on our channel in Telegram: https://t.me/sofin

14 December

Our ICO was placed at https://goo.gl/FYsmHH. A huge request to all to participate in the vote and support us! The only condition for voting is registration. It is free and takes less than minute. Thank you!

Registration: https://goo.gl/R3yw46

To vote, click on the link: https://goo.gl/Rn55yT